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Letters From Betrayed Partners

I facilitate a writers group for betrayed partners. The purpose of reflecting on a variety of topics is to heal yourself by examining your core beliefs.

Post traumatic growth takes place as we transform the way we choose to understand and see ourselves and others with compassion.

The writers in this group have generously shared their personal stories.

If you would like to add your own writings to this page please send them to me at suezola@me.com.

Writing can be cathartic.

NOTE: Each response is written by a betrayed partner that has anonymously shared.


PROMPT: Reflect on the serenity prayer and what it means to you. How do you use the prayer in your life to help with challenging situations?

Response 1:  Response 1 - Serenity Prayer.pdf

Response 2: Response 2 - Serenity Prayer .pdf

Response 3: Response 3 - Serenity Prayer.pdf

Response 4: Response 4 - Serenity Prayer.pdf

PROMPT: Addiction.

Response 1:  Response 1 - Addiction.pdf

Response 2: Response 2 - Addiction.pdf

Response 3: Response 3 - Addiction.pdf

PROMPT: Guilt and Shame.

Response 1:  Response 1 - Guilt.pdf

PROMPT:  Reflect on the following Victor Frankl Quote:

Response 1: Response 1 - Frankl Quote.pdf


Response 1: Response 1 - Love.pdf

Response 2:  Response 2 - Love.pdf

Response 3: Response 3 - Love.pdf

PROMPT: Fidelity and Monogamy.

Response 1:  Response 1 - Fidelity and Monogamy.pdf

PROMPT: Sexuality.

Response 1: Response 1 - Sexuality .pdf

PROMPT: What is my Relationship to Aging?

Response 1:  Response 1 - What Is My Relationship To Aging_.pdf

PROMPT:  Financial Security.

Response 1:  Response 1 - Financial Security.pdf

PROMPT:  Reflect on the following Mary Mannin Morrisey Quote: 

Response 1:  Response 1 - Mary Manin Morrissey Quote.pdf

PROMPT:  Reflect on Fathers. 

Response 1: Response 1 - Dad.pdf

PROMPT:  Reflect on Mothers.

Response 1:  Response 1 - Mom .pdf

PROMPT: Death.

Response 1:  Death - Response 1.pdf

Response 2:  Response 2 - Death.pdf

Response 3:  Death - Response 3.pdf

PROMPT: Attachment Styles.

PROMPT:" The Four Agreements" 

The Four Agreements are:
  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  2. Don't Take Anything Personally.
  3. Don't Make Assumptions.
  4. Always Do Your Best.

PROMPT: Reflect on the following Don Miguel Ruiz Quote: 

Response 1:  Response 1 - Miguel Ruiz Quote.pdf


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Private Practice – "Mind Over Matters," 2006.
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Letters from Betrayed Partners

Susan Zola, LCSW, CCPS, CSAT
Licensed In: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Virginia

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