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As We Begin Our Therapeutic Journey Together, Consider These Websites And Podcasts:


  1. Helping Couples Heal - "Helping Couples Heal is an ongoing podcast designed to help couples recover and heal from the impact of betrayal trauma on their relationships. Over the course of this podcast series, we will offer resources and support and teach you the tools and skills necessary to heal your relationship. You will also hear from recovered addicts, partners and couples who will share their stories, as well as from experts in the field of betrayal."
  2. Beauty after Betrayal Podcast - Hosted by Jenni Rochelle - "Welcome to the Beauty After Betrayal podcast with Jenni Rochelle aka the Queen of Intimacy. As a coach and mentor for smart, successful women who desire to create conscious intimate connections with themselves, their bodies and their beloveds, Jenni has helped hundreds of women reconnect with themselves and partners."
  3. Beauty Beyond Betrayal - Heal from Betrayal, Affair Recovery, Betrayal Trauma Recovery - Hosted by Lisa Limehouse -  "Have you just found out your husband has sexually betrayed you? Do you feel like the pain will never end? Are you so overwhelmed that you just don’t know how to navigate through the trauma it has brought upon you? Do you feel like you will never trust anyone ever again?
    In this podcast you will find biblical guidance, pure honesty and tactical solutions that will help you heal from the betrayal of an affair. My mission is to help you heal from the devastation, rebuild trust, and rise in confidence so you can find your identity after marital betrayal. If you’re ready to rise above the heartbreak, trauma, and devastation to a place of hope and restoration - then you’re in the right place."
  4. Sex, Love, and Addiction with Dr. Rob - This podcast features robust discussions focused on healing from chronic infidelity, cheating, porn, and sex addiction, along with the pain of relationship betrayal. 
  5. Overcoming Betrayal & Addiction with Dr. Rob and Tami - The Overcoming Betrayal and Addiction podcast, featuring Dr. Rob Weiss and Tami VerHelst, presents a conversational Q&A style discussion drawn from listener questions about sex and porn addictions, infidelity, cheating, and hard work required to heal relationship betrayal. 
  6. Betrayal, betrayal trauma, & DARVO: Promoting individual & collective healing by Melissa Ming Foynes, Podcast: The Science & Soul of Living Well, 7 May 2021 - "In this episode, I speak with Dr. Jennifer J. Freyd, the Founder and President of the Center for Institutional Courage, Inc (, keynote speaker, author, and professor emerit of psychology with over 30 years of experience researching people and their relationships with institutions.) Dr. Freyd emphasizes how it is in our nature as human beings to be sensitive to betrayal because experiencing betrayal can be so costly. She also explains how our wiring for connection, attachment, and love can contribute to us not only feeling great shame when we are betrayed, but also may also contribute to a phenomenon she refers to as "betrayal blindness." She thoughtfully shares her research on betrayal, different types of betrayal (e.g., institutional & interpersonal betrayal), reasons we may forget about experiences of trauma or have difficulty remembering certain details, and DARVO (D - Deny, A - Attack, RVO - Reverse Victim & Offender), a strategy that can be used to deflect blame when confronted with accusations of wrongdoing. Importantly, she highlights hope-instilling aspects of her research which show us how we can refrain from engaging in DARVO regardless of whether or not we believe we did what we are being accused of doing. We also discuss specific, concrete actions we can engage in on individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels to counteract the individual and collective harm caused by DARVO and effectively navigate difficult conversations with courage, curiosity, compassion, accountability, willingness to be vulnerable, openness to believing things we may not understand, and respect for ourselves and others." 
  7. The Human Intimacy Podcast with Dr. Kevin Skinner - Through thought-provoking conversations with experts, personal stories, and practical advice, we’ll uncover the secrets to nurturing meaningful relationships in a fast-paced digital world. From exploring trust and fostering emotional intimacy to navigating conflicts and rediscovering oneself, we’re here to discover the essence of what it means to truly connect with others and ourselves. Whether you’re seeking to improve your relationships, gain insights into human behaviors, or simply crave a meaningful conversation that enriches your understanding of human connection, you won’t want to miss a single episode of The Human Intimacy Podcast.

  1. How Porn Can Affect the Brain Like a Drug - A deeper look into how the brain works reveals that addictions to harmful substances like tobacco have striking similarities to porn compulsion, including impaired decision-making.
  2. Why Porn Can Be Difficult to Quit - When it comes to the topic of porn, one of the most common questions is whether or not it can actually be addictive. According to many addiction experts, it absolutely can be.
  3. How Porn Can Negatively Impact Love and Intimacy - Countless studies consistently show that porn consumers tend to struggle in their relationships. From poorer relationship quality to an increased likelihood of cheating, research suggests that porn plays a major role in fueling unhealthy relationship dynamics.
  4. The Neuroscience of Pornography - "Adolescence is one of the most active and critical times of brain development — the adolescent brain is highly impressionable and vulnerable to forming patterns of behavior. During this time, the brain is establishing the foundations of neural pathways that contribute to long-term brain development. Bottom line: When you learn something at this age, it leaves an impression that sticks."

If you or someone you love is struggling with sex addiction or partner betrayal, consider the following websites:

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