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Accountabilty Apps

List of Accountability Apps

1. Qustodio - “The all-in-one parental control and digital wellbeing solution. Over 4 million parents trust Qustodio’s parental control tools to keep their kids’ screen time safe and balanced on every device—all from a single dashboard.”

HOW THE APP WORKS: Download the app or sign in to your account online to view your dashboard. There, you can see real-time online activity, and set your preferences to receive reports and alerts by email. Customize your settings in exactly the way you need to make Qustodio work for you and your family. Qustodio App gets downloaded on all devices to monitor activity.
Controls: Filter Websites, Set Time Limits, Block Apps, Get Reports, etc. Get a real-time view of browsing history, YouTube views, social media use, screen time, and location. Track texts and SMS messages.
Works with: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, Iphone/Ipad, Kindle.
Free vs. Premium Subscription: The free version of Custodio can protect a single device and includes basic protection features, while the premium version can protect multiple devices and gives access to premium features such as location tracking and call and text messaging tracking.
Price: $96.95 a year.
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2. Accountable2You - “Find peace of mind and rebuild trust with detailed, real-time accountability software.”

“OS app features a fully rebuilt VPN that monitors all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, etc.) even in Incognito mode.”
Controls: Monitor Internet and App Activity, See exactly what was browsed, Reports updated in real time, Instant alerts via text or email, tracks uninstalls and any attempt to uninstall app, Sees when and how devices are used, set time monitoring on device usage, customize trigger words, etc.
Works with: Mac, Chromebook, Windows, Android, iPhone/Ipad, Linux.
Price: Personal Account is $84.00 a year, while Family Account is $144.00 a year.
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3. Covenant Eyes - “Covenant Eyes is designed to help you and those you love live free from pornography.”

HOW THE APP WORKS: With Covenant Eyes, you choose someone you know and trust to walk with you as your ally and hold you accountable for your online behavior. For some, this is their spouse; for others, it’s someone else like a close friend or family member. The Covenant Eyes app tracks activity on your devices and offers controls to keep porn out. The Covenant Eyes app tracks activity on your devices, the The Victory app shares your activity feed right to your ally’s phone. These powerful tools bring honesty and transparency to your relationships, helping you rebuild trust and find healing, together. Covenant Eyes App gets downloaded on all your devices to monitor your activity.
Controls: Device is monitored with AI and scans, comprehensive blocking, Content rating, Activity feed, notifications, etc.
Works with: Iphone/Ipad, Mac, Android, Windows.
Price: $16.99 a month or $183.99 annually - up to 10 users and unlimited devices.
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4. EverAccountable - “Ever Accountable is scientifically-backed software that helps you quit porn with the power of accountability. Guaranteed.”

Using Accountability Partners (trusted friend/family member) who will have access to your browsing history on all devices. If blacklisted or questionable content is viewed the accountability partners will see it.Controls: shares the browsing history of websites and apps on all your devices, detailed reports that highlight blacklisted content, offers internet accountability, app monitoring,, screenshot accountability, Filtering, and uninstall alerts.
Works with: Android, iPhone/Ipad, Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, and Kindle.
Price: $89 a year for an individual plan ; $119 a year for a family plan
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5. Pluckeye -
“Pluckeye is a filter for people who want to limit their Internet access. The most common reason for using Pluckeye is to limit or eliminate the amount of time spent using porn, using facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social media, gaming online, gambling online, shopping online, checking email, etc. If you do any of these more than you want to, Pluckeye may be able to help you change how you use the Internet.”
Controls: “Pluckeye blocks all images and videos from the Internet by default. Pluckeye doesn't rely on password protection; rather it uses a delay system for configuration. Pluckeye can block some content but allow other content from the same webhost (based on Internet media types). Pluckeye doesn't come with a prepackaged list of web resources that it should block or allow; configuration is up to the end-user.”
Works with: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.
Price: Sliding Scale Subscription based on income
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6. Bark -“Bark’s affordable, award-winning dashboard proactively monitors text messages, YouTube, emails, and 30+ different social networks for potential safety concerns, so busy parents can save time and gain peace of mind.”

“Connect to 30+ platforms to monitor text messages, emails, and social activity for signs of harmful interactions and content.”Controls: Screen Time and Website Blocking, Alerts via email and text, location sharing, monitors text messages, emails and social activity, etc.
Works with: Iphone/Ipad, Mac, Android, Windows, Chromebook, Amazon Fire.
Price: Bark Premium, our flagship service, is a comprehensive solution that includes content monitoring, screen time management, app and website blocking, and location sharing. Bark Premium is $14/month or $99 annually. Bark Jr provides screen time management, app and website blocking, and location sharing. This level of service is $5/month or $49 annually (18% savings).
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7. Aura -
“ You Do Everything Online. We Help You Do It Safely. All-in-one, easy to use, online safety for the whole family.”

Controls: Website Blocking, Credit Monitoring, Bank Account Transaction monitoring, Mobile device management, Content Blocking and Filtering, Screen Time limits, and Internet usage and history tracking.
Offers: Financial Fraud and Credit Protection, Identify Theft Protection, Online and Device security including VPN, antivirus, and a password manager.
Works with: Iphone/Ipad, Mac, Android, Windows.
Price: “Aura’s Family plan provides coverage for up to 5 members of your family (kids or adults). For $39/mo, The Aura family plan includes premium identity theft protection, credit monitoring, online security and privacy tools (like VPN, antivirus, and safe browsing) and $1 million in identity theft insurance* for every adult member in your plan. You’ll also be able to add your kids to monitor their SSN and online accounts to catch early signs of child identity theft. Every family member will have access to our 24/7 White Glove Fraud Resolution services to help resolve any identity fraud incident.”
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8. Net Nanny -
“The Best Parental Control to Keep Your Kids and Family Safe Online”

Controls: Parental Controls, Screen Time Management, Website Blocker, Block Apps, Track Location, Internet Filter, Blocks Pornography, Detailed reports, social media protection, youtube monitoring.
Price: $54.99 a year for 5 devices.
Works with: Windows, Mac, Android, Iphone/Ipad, Amazon Fire.
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9. Norton Family -
“ Norton Family provides parents with the information they need to help keep their child safer and focused when online.”

Controls: School Time feature lets you add specific sites required by your child’s school, website blocking, location tracking, Screen Time Management, Web Use Supervision, App Supervision, Search Supervision, Detailed Reports, Youtube Monitoring.
Price: $49.99 a year.
Works with: Windows, Android, Iphone/Ipad, Mac.
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10. Remojo -
“ACHIEVE SEXUAL SELF-MASTERY WITH THE REMOJO APP. Quit porn for good, enhance performance and bring your A-game to life, dating and relationships. We’ll coach you through 4 steps to quit porn for good, enhance performance and bring your A-game to life, dating and relationships. Desktop blocker apps are included in your REMOJO subscription, so you can extend your blocker settings across other devices.”

Controls: Blocks Porn on every device,Uninstall Protection, set up an accountability partner, Provide education on managing urges, Support Community, Web filter, custom blacklists, App locking, Device Lock/Panic Mode,
Price: Starter Plan $14.99 a month.
Works with: Windows, iPad/Iphone, Mac.
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11. Truple - “Protect your family online. Truple reports randomly captured screenshots from your loved one's devices to yours.”

Controls: (Depending on platform) Screenshot accountability, Screenshot blurring, Smart Capture, Web History, Event timeline, Block Uninstall, Immediate Porn Alerts, Filtering, Screen and App Time Monitoring.
Price: $160 annually.
Works with: Android, Iphone/Ipad, Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, and Linux.
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12. Plucky -
“Plucky is an Internet filter designed to help you stick to your long-term goals rather than indulge in short-term Internet temptations. Fully customizable but hard to get around, it hands you the controls--while also keeping you from bailing on your commitments.”

Controls: Image Blocking, Image Delay of allowed images as a safeguard, Use of an Accountability Partner, Blocking/Allowing of sites, Internet Blackout, Filtering, Keyword Blocking, Safe Search, Cross-Device Synchronization, etc.
Price: $0-15 per month. Sliding scale. “We never want money to be a barrier to freedom, so pricing is sliding scale. We do expect at least $2/month from people in developed countries, which allows Plucky to be free in developing countries.”
Works with: Windows, Iphone/Ipad, Mac, Linux, Android
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13. CleanBrowsing - "CleanBrowsing is a content filtering platform. We block access to online porn and malicious sites.”

Controls: Predefined Filters, Custom allowing and blocking of domains, Activity Monitoring.
Price: $60 annually
Works with: Iphone/Ipad, Mac, Android, Windows
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14. Brainbuddy -
“ Addicted to porn? Rewire your brain. Live stronger. Healthier. Happier. Brainbuddy helps you rewire your brain, freeing you from porn addiction. Permanently.”

“Brainbuddy helps you quit watching porn. Porn addiction recovery is unique to each person. Brainbuddy learns your history, your lifestyle and your porn habits. Fun activities rewire your brain in 10 minutes a day. Your responses create tailored activities to help rewire your brain, improve willpower, and prevent relapse. Your evening checkup tracks your progress. Your checkup helps Brainbuddy understand your triggers and keep your accountable. 24/7 protection. Brainbuddy learns your habits and temptation patterns, providing you with constant protection. Know yourself to conquer yourself. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and track how far you have come. Join the community. Work as a team to complete challenges, stay motivated, share advice, and help others. Level up your life. Recovering from porn addiction has immense psychological and physical benefits. Become stronger, healthier, happier.

Works with: Iphone/Ipad, Android.
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15. Canopy for Adults - "A porn-free Internet experience"

"Canopy’s initial product was created to help families protect kids from explicit content, and the same technology can be used as a porn blocker for adults, too. We block explicit images and videos in real-time with unparalleled accuracy. We will have an app with a user experience for adults, but until that is launched, please follow the steps on this webpage for a porn-free Internet experience, no matter what your age."
Controls: Safesmart Internet Filter, Sexting Prevention, App Management Tool, Block Uninstall of App, Location Awareness.
Pricing: $7.99 a month for 3 Devices ; $9.99 a month for 5 Devices ; $15.99 a month for 10 Devices ; $99.99 per year for 5 devices.
Works with: Apple, Iphone/Ipad, Android, Windows.
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16. X3Watch - "Internet Accountability for Men & Women Who Want to Live Porn-Free."

Controls: Accountability Partner, Accountability Reports, Text and Email Alerts for uninstall attempts or viewing blacklisted materials,
Pricing: $89 a year for one user and unlimited devices ; $199 a year for Family Plan which offers
Works with: Apple, Mac, Android, PC, Chromebook, Kindle.
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